Nicole and James, in addition to being hot wedding models that Sahara and I hired to make our photographs look good, are really wonderful people. Their wedding was small, tasteful, extremely fun, and most importantly had what seemed like an unlimited amount of food.

They’re about to start an amazing new life in California – and my days at MTV are going to see a sharp decrease in snark, which I cannot put into words how much I will miss. I only hope they fully realize how soon it will be before I am sleeping on their couch.


3 thoughts on “nuptials

  1. Hello Matt,

    These are great! I cannot wait to see all the pictures you guys took that day. It was a pleasure meeting you and having you at our home on our Son’s Wedding Day.

    Debbie Anderson
    (James Cullinane’s Mom)

  2. Hi Matt,

    Love the pic’s, can’t wait to see more. One request, please please please do not post any pic’s of me in my work out attire with no makeup on ironing shirts. I would greatly appreciate you honoring that request;)

    (James Mom’s BFF/Mother of the Best Man)

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