ireland 2

Inish Oirr, shipwreck of the Plassey (1960).




ireland 1

It might just be the optimistic tourist in me, but I think it’s better that it rained so much when I went to Ireland last week. There was sunny days (or rather, days that included some bits of sunshine), astounding rainbows (double rainbows!), and breathtaking cloudless skies – but put really simply – Ireland looks really cool when it’s grey. Emerald Green doesn’t go very well with a Sky Blue, and when you’re visiting ancient ruins and sites of pagan worship the fog fits well. There’s a really specific color palette that I just…really dig. Better words are failing me. ImageImageImageImage

Queen Bitch

If I had more time, I would have told her that Hardcore changed my life, and Notorious KIM was the defining album of my 16th year on this planet. That I still know all the words to Queen Bitch, Jump Off, No Matter What They Say, Magic Stick, Lighters Up, How Many Licks and Crush On You.

But alas, her people were all like

I know you seen me on the video (true)

milledgeville, ga


It’s only been a month since I’ve updated this blog, but it’s been quite a few months since I’ve shown work from a serious project. I did a lot of shooting last week for a project that I’ve been doing the research on for over two years. Even though these are just the digital tests for the film that I shot, the experience of actually finally shooting this was cathartic in a totally selfish and personal way. I’m incredibly eager to post more photos, and really wish there was a lab in New York open on a Sunday so I could spend the day pouring over contact sheets.


tom & senja

Officially the last wedding of the year for me! Couldn’t have gone out on a better note – the two chillest people in the universe got married. I wouldn’t have a job, and I probably wouldn’t still be there a year later if it wasn’t for this dude, and he probably wouldn’t be nearly as awesome if it weren’t for his beautiful doctor wife (homegirl IS A DOCTOR). So I appreciate their love, and couldn’t be happier for them.

Ok though seriously, 6 weddings is too many weddings for one year. Take a break, kids.

ren fairing

They were incredible. I want to shoot them again. The underlying theme in things I’m interested in shooting lately is “people who like one thing more than all the things I like combined” if that makes any sense. It’s not obsession I’m after, and I refrain from saying passion because that seems like an oversimplification of what I’m trying to express. I’ll put it more eloquently when I finally figure out what it is I want.



Nicole and James, in addition to being hot wedding models that Sahara and I hired to make our photographs look good, are really wonderful people. Their wedding was small, tasteful, extremely fun, and most importantly had what seemed like an unlimited amount of food.

They’re about to start an amazing new life in California – and my days at MTV are going to see a sharp decrease in snark, which I cannot put into words how much I will miss. I only hope they fully realize how soon it will be before I am sleeping on their couch.